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Research Ethics Committee

RCSI Bahrain established its Research Ethics Committee (REC) in 2006. The REC's purpose is to protect patients, students, staff and/or any potential research participants from harm which may result from unethical research, or from poor quality research. The REC implements agreed RCSI Bahrain processes and procedures for research ethical review. 

All research projects which involve the participation of humans or human tissues and which are carried out under the auspices of RCSI Bahrain should be submitted to RCSI Bahrain REC.  All research needs REC approval. Internal clinical, educational or managerial audit and established internal evaluation procedures do not need REC approval.

If the need for ethical approval is unclear then staff or students are welcome to discuss their project with the Convener or Chair of the REC.
The members of the REC are multidisciplinary with representation from the RCSI Bahrain, the Ministry of Health, BDF and the Community. The Chair of the REC is normally an external member. The Convener is normally an RCSI Bahrain academic.

• Review all proposals for research in the University and by its staff in the affiliated hospitals to ensure that the proposed study is valid and justifiable in terms of its possible benefits compared with any risk or harm to patients or other participants.

• Coordinate with health services Research Ethics Committees on matters of mutual interest.

• Provide timely and adequate information including protocols, and applications for research ethical reviews.

• Inform and advise the University on Research Ethics. 
Research Officer: Abeer Abdel Aal aabdelaal@rcsi-mub.com

RCSI Bahrain REC Convener: Dr David Misselbrook dmisselbrook@rcsi-mub.com


How do I submit an application to the REC?

The submission must be on the REC application form here 

The REC usually meets on the first Wednesday of each month. The committee does not meet during July and August. The deadline for all necessary documentation is normally 2 weeks prior to the next REC meeting.


What happens when I submit an application to the REC?

The application form and associated paperwork will be sent for review to two or three members of the REC who will scrutinise them and report back formally to the full Committee.

It is then the responsibility of the whole REC to approve or reject the application. Many applications will be sent back to applicants with suggestions for revision to address any concerns expressed by the REC.

Significant revisions will again be reviewed and go to the next REC meeting. Minor revisions may be approved via Chairman's action.


I have more questions.....

Please refer to the Application guide and to the FAQs before submitting your application.

Are there templates for Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) and Consent form?

Template Patient Information Leaflet, here
Template consent Form, here


What is the ethical basis of these regulations?

Please refer to the annotated 2013 revision of the Declaration of Helsinki



REC Application Deadline

REC Meetings


August 22nd, 2018


September 5th, 2018


September 19th, 2018

October 3rd 2018


October 24th, 2018

November 7th, 2018


November 21st, 2018

December 5th, 2018


December 19th, 2018

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