RCSI Bahrain Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

RCSI Bahrain Charity Challenge

Each year one large charity event is arranged which supports a specific Charity organisation in Bahrain. The purpose is to challenge the staff, students and stakeholders into a meaningful challenge that pushes thems and requires people to be active. Recent Charity Challenges have included:

2012- 2013: Six-hour fun run in support of Bahrain Mobility. 150 runners and over 800 spectators from local schools and business took part in the inaugural challenge, with 2000BD raised and directed to the purchase of physiotherapy equipment.

2013- 2014: Paddle Bahrain in support of Bahrain Diabetes Society. A 165km circumnavigation of Bahrain in sea kayaks was completed by six paddlers over three days. The event highlighted active lifestyle and exercise in the prevention of Type II diabetes. Over BD 6000 was raised during this event, with the funds directed to purchase lifesaving insulin pumps for two young Type I diabetic patients.

2014- 2015 Bahrain Financial Harbour (BFH) 50 Storey Stair Climb in support of Mohammed bin Khalifa bin Sulman Al Khalifa Cardiac Centre. RCSI staff and students, along with tenants and staff from BFH raised awareness of cardiovascular disease, with monies raised purchasing 10 cardiac stents which for lifesaving procedures in Bahrain.

2015- 2016 Bahrain Marathon Relay (BMR) in support of Bahrain Round Table. Two teams were entered into the marathon, where 178 teams ran 48km race broken down into 16 separate stages. Our staff and students focused on increasing students’ awareness of the health benefits of running, educating students in training methods and strategies, and improving on RCSI’s previous performance in the BMR. The RCSI Lions and RCSI Pride teams finished 27th and 72nd overall in 3 hours 35 minutes and 4 hours 4 minutes respectively. The placing and time results of the teams represent RCSI’s best combined result for two teams in the same BMR.


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