RCSI Bahrain Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Masters By Research

RCSI Medical University of Bahrain is embarking on  developing a Masters by Research programme. This will be an important landmark in developing scholars who will have the skills to progress and advance scientific research pertinent to Bahrain. It is currently in the planning stage as both the National University of Ireland and the Higher Education Council of Bahrain will need to approve the programme. The programme will consist of a research project formulated by two principal investigators in Bahrain and RCSI Dublin. They will put forward the research question and the process to implement the study to the postgraduate office in Bahrain and Dublin. The proposals will go through external validity to make sure the projects are feasible and deliverable within two years. Once the research proposal is approved, then the position can be advertised for students. The Masters by Research will be a good way to support RCSI alumina as well as others to progress themselves as well has create career enhancing opportunities. The pilot study with three Masters by Research students has worked well.