RCSI Bahrain Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Transcripts & Certificates

RCSI Bahrain Certificates and Transcripts

Certificates are the parchments you received upon graduation. An official transcript is a comprehensive record of a student's academic progress at RCSI Bahrain. If you wish to receive copies of your RCSI Bahrain certificate and/or transcript, please complete and submit the RCSI Bahrain Certificate/Transcript Request Form (attached) along with the required fee to alumni@rcsi-mub.com. Please include your full name, student identification number and year of graduation.

NUI / RCSI / RCPI Certificates

 For information on how to receive additional copies of your NUI / RCSI / RCPI Certificates, please refer to the following webpage -  http://www.nui.ie/services/document-services.asp



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