RCSI Bahrain Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Study Room Booking

Group study rooms are specifically provided for the use of study groups only. No admittance is allowed without a prior booking online or at the Information Services desk. You have to have your Student ID cards to book rooms.

You may book a study room by clicking here 

Please note: 

  •  To ensure equitable access for the entire student body, repeat, block or multiple bookings are not accepted -  one booking per person per day.
  •   Bookings are not accepted more than 3 days in advance.

  •   A minimum of 4 users are required to book into a group study room. If rooms are unoccupied the desk staff  can decide to allocate a room to users under 4 nos.

  •   If a student group fails to register for a reserved booking within 20 mins of the start of the session the room  will be offered to another student group.

  •   Students are allowed to leave a study room unoccupied for 15 mins only to take a break. Any room left unoccupied longer than 15 mins will be offered to another student group.

  •   The rooms are not soundproof – all discussion must be at a quiet conversational level that does not disturb other students in adjacent areas. Mobile phones should be switched to silent mode.

  •   Only bottled water is allowed inside the study rooms. No food is allowed inside the study rooms.

  •   Anybody occupying a booked room will be asked to leave.

  •   The University cannot accept responsibility for personal items left unattended.

  •   The LRC reserves the right to ask a student to vacate a study room if he/she does not abide by LRC Rules and Regulations.