RCSI Bahrain Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland


Late and overdue items will be charged fines. Users must check the due date printed on the date due form placed inside the book or other items.  LRC Circulation services are not permitted if overdue items are outstanding on a user account. 

Loan Type  Fine Per Day 
 Standard Loan  100 fils per day
 Short Loan & Overnight Loan  500 fils per day
 One Week Loan  500 fils per day






The Learning Resource Centre will send two email reminders requesting the return of overdue items.  If a user fails to return overdue items after receiving two reminders, the LRC will report the matter to the users Mentor and Cycle Director.  Disciplinary action may be taken in such cases and LRC services withdrawn.  

If student has overdue item(s) or unpaid fines on their account transcript requests and exam results will not be released until all fines are cleared.

If user has overdue item(s) or fines outstanding at the time of annual re-registration then candidate will not be able to complete registration until all fines are settled and items returned in good condition.

The cost of lost or damaged items must be reimbursed to the LRC by User. 


Renewals & Reservations:

Undergraduate students can renew items on loan 2 times only.

Postgraduate students can renew items on loan 1 time only.

Faculty and Staff can renew item if item is not reserved.

Items can be renewed by sending an email to librarian@rcsi-mub.com or jbroughton@rcsi-mub.com.

If you need items reserved then send an email with correct details of items to librarian@rcsi-mub.com or jbroughton@rcsi-mub.com.

Loaned items may be recalled before the due date, if item is requested by another user.