RCSI Bahrain Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Code of Conduct

The Library and Learning Resource Centre is a shared facility. Users are expected to be courteous to other users by working quietly within the area.


Food is not allowed in any of the library areas. This includes crisps, chocolates, chewing gum, fruits, sandwiches etc. Users are requested to use the kitchenette or breakout areas to eat food.


Only bottled water is allowed within the area. Please do not bring in canned drinks or uncovered drinks because of the greater potential for spills. Use the coffee corner provided outside the library to eat and drink.


The way people use libraries has changed a lot in recent years. Library users have let us know that they want to be able to meet others for study and discussion as well as having the more traditional option of going somewhere quiet. To meet these needs we have designated the entire facility as silent zone where no noise is permitted. Study Rooms have been designated for group discussion and study. Users are allowed to engage in low conversations if necessary. Users disrupting or disregarding rules will be asked to leave the area.

Mobile phones

We understand that sometimes you need to be contactable even when you are busy at the library. Library users have let us know that they are disturbed by ringing and loud phone conversations. Thus we allow mobile phones in silent or vibrate modes throughout the library so the ringing doesn't disturb others. Low volume mobile phone conversations are allowed in designated Phone Friendly Zones outside the library.

Occupying study carrel space

Study space can be occupied only when users are present. Laptops, books or personal belongings left unattended for more than 30 minutes will be removed by staff to allow other users to occupy space. The Library is not responsible for lost items.


Library staff will ask those who do not respect this policy to comply. Users who do not comply with these guidelines will be asked to meet with Customer Services Coordinator. Staff, student monitor or security personnel may require user to produce ID card. Staff, student monitor or security personnel can ask user to leave the Reading Room area. All incident reports will go through a disciplinary procedure.

Disciplinary process

Staff or student monitors will record incidents and forward it to Library Supervisor three times. If users continue to repeat break rules their names will be forwarded to Deputy Associate Director of SARA for disciplinary action. As part of the disciplinary procedure your access to the library can be revoked for a period.