RCSI Bahrain Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Borrowing Resources

Multiple copies of recommended textbooks and other supportive resources in various forms are available for loan in the Services area. All users must produce their ID cards to borrow, return and renew items. Items will not be issued to users without ID cards. All items are catalogued and can be found on the LRC catalogue. All items have spine labels which indicate the different loan period. All overdue items will be fined and user will be informed of fines at the circulation desk. Students with overdue item will not be issued new item unless fines are cleared.

Loan Type

Label colour

Loan information

Reference textbook item

Yellow label with black letters

Only for use within the LRCCan be checked out within the LRC

Reference Only

White Label with red letters

Only for use within the Service Area

Standard Loan

White label with black letters

Can be borrowed for longer period

Short Loan

White label with black letters and orange colour code

Can be borrowed only for 2 days

One week Loan

White label with black lettersand green colour code

Can be borrowed for 7 days


User Group

Category of Book

Maximum no. of items

Maximum no. of days


RCSI Bahrain Medical & BSc. Nursing Students

Standard loan


2 weeks


Short loan

3 (included in the 13 above)

2 full days

No renewal

MSc Healthcare Management & Quality Students.

Standard Loan


50 days

No renewal

MSc Ethics & Law Students

Standard loan


50 days

No renewal

RCSI Bahrain Faculty & Staff

Standard loan


6 weeks

Conditional renewal

MSc Nursing & Bridging Programme 

Standard Loan


2 weeks


Locating Resources:

All standard loan, short loan and one week loan items, journals, newspapers, DVDs’ are located in the Reception & Services area.  Ready Reference books and Reference copy of text books are located in the Reading Room Area. Users must sign out reference book for use within the Reading Room Area only.

Can’t find it on the shelf:

If you can’t find any item on the shelf please check that you have the correct Call Number or ask the circulation staff for assistance.

Timed Loan:

Items like headphones and extension cords are also available on a timed loan basis. You will be asked to leave your ID card to borrow these items for a specific period of time.