RCSI Bahrain Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Ms. Asal Kazerooni

Ms. Asal Kazerooni
Science and Learning Skills Tutor, RCSI-Bahrain
Centre for Student Success (CSS), Department of Health and Wellbeing
Office: +973 1735 1450 Ext.: 3014


Area of Expertise:

Academic and learning support for entry level students (MCP, FY, N1, JC1); individual and group tutoring session; interested in research and development



• MSc. Biotechnology, Aston University, 2009
• Postgraduate diploma, Biotechnology, University of Melbroune, 2007
• HBsc. Biology specialist, University of Toronto, 2005
• Previous student research involved (not published):
• Effect of IGF-I and glargine on RACK-1 expression in human MCF-7 breast cancer cells
• The Identification of Mutation in PimE of Mycobacterium Smegmatis Class III Variants
• Mini-review of MLTS in the Characterization of Bacterial Pathogens and its Application to the Public Health Sector


Current areas of activity

• Involved in PAL (Peer-assisted-learning) programmes for FY and JC2
• Involved in PLS (Peer-led-session) tutorials for all years
• Developing support curriculum for N1 students based on a series of 4-5 sessions each semester
• Delivering FY support tutorials in biology and chemistry related modules