RCSI Bahrain Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Conferring Day - Schedule of Events (Timings are provisional and may be subject to slight changes)


Please ensure that you arrive at the Conferring Hall on time as per the below schedule, where you need to register your attendance by signing the registry list of the degree awarding university. You will be asked to gown in the designated gowning areas and proceed to your allocated seats.

Medicine Conferring Schedule 

08.30 am Signing of the University Registry and receipt of Conferring Programme
08.45 am Procession Party Gown
08.45 am Graduands take their places
09.00 am Guests arrive
09.45 am Procession Party enters the hall
09.55 am Arrival of the Patronage
10.00 am Commencement of the Conferring Ceremony
11.30 am Group photograph
12.00 noon Refreshment

Nursing Conferring Schedule

12.30 Signing of the University Registry and receipt of Conferring Programme
12.45 Procession Party Gown
12.45 Graduands take their places
13.00 Guests arrive
13.45 Procession Party enters the hall
13.55 Arrival of the Patronage
14.00 Commencement of the Conferring Ceremony
15.30 Group photograph
16.00 Refreshments 

Order of Proceedings

You must sit in your designated seat. During the conferring ceremony graduands names will be called out in alphabetical order by first name and by degree/diploma. Each graduand will proceed to the stage in turn directed by the master of ceremonies. When your name is called you should proceed to the stage and collect your parchment. It will be presented to you by the Presidents of RCSI, RCSI Bahrain, NUI and LRCPI for Medicine graduands and Presidents of RCSI Bahrain and NUI will present the Nursing graduands. Once you have received your parchment and shook hands (optional) with the Presidents you should then descend and return to your seat. Guests will not be allowed to leave their seats to take pictures during the ceremony.


Photographs/Video Recording

RCSI Bahrain has recruited official photographers to cover the ceremony. Class representatives will be provided with a CD with all photographs of the event. Please liaise with your class representatives in order to receive the pictures. Selection of pictures will also be available on RCSI Bahrain's Facebook page.

A professional production company has been hired to record the Conferring Ceremony. To purchase the DVD of the Conferring, an advance payment of BD10 should be made payable to the Finance Departments, Fees Office. An additional BD5 will be needed if you wish for the DVD to be shipped to your address. Kindly furnish the Finance Department with your shipping details.