RCSI Bahrain Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Learning Outcomes

Following completion of the programme the graduate will be able to:

1. Conduct a systematic holistic assessment of client needs based on nursing theory and evidence- based practice.

2. Plan care in consultation with the client taking into consideration the therapeutic regimens of all members of the health care team.

3. Implement planned nursing care/interventions to achieve the identified outcomes.

4. Evaluate client progress toward expected outcomes and reviews plans in accordance with evaluation data and in consultation with the client.

5. Practice in accordance with legislation affecting nursing practice.

6. Practice within the limits of own competence and take measures to develop own competence.

7. Establish, maintain, and conclude therapeutic interpersonal interaction with client (individual, group, family, community).

8. Collaborate with all members of the health care team and document relevant information.

9. Effectively manage the nursing care of clients/groups/communities.

10. Delegate to other nurses activities commensurate with their competencies and within their scope of professional practice.

11. Facilitate the co-ordination of care and good teamwork.

12. Take responsibility to enrich lifelong personal and professional development of self and others.