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Important HEC Requirements

Certification of School Transcript & Certificates

As RCSI Bahrain operates in Bahrain, we have to follow the regulations of the Higher Education Council (HEC) in Bahrain. The HEC requires all students commencing studies in Bahrain to obtain authentication of their High School Transcript of Records and Certificates. Students coming from another University Programme are also required to obtain authentication of their high school documents along with a copy of graduation certificate and original transcript from their previous university. If you are transferring from another university, we require your original transcript and a letter confirming your withdrawal from your previous university.

Please follow the below guidelines on obtaining certification of your High School transcripts and Certificates:

Completed High School in Middle East
Completed A Levels
Completed IB
Completed High School outside Middle East

Once we have received these authenticated documents, the University will submit your file to the HEC who will review and confirm you registration at RCSI Bahrain. All students are required to follow this process. Without the confirmation from the HEC, you will not be fully registered at RCSI Bahrain.

Although we ask for all authentic original documents before starting your studies in the University, we understand that this process can take some time to complete or you might not have received your original certificate from the awarding body by the time the programme starts. Alternative submissions dates can be arranged in these circumstances however please note that all students entering any programme within the University have to supply the University with their original stamped certificates from High School.

For more information please contact the Student Records Department regarding any specific questions on this area registration@rcsi-mub.com or by telephone Mr Jovi Mallonga, Head of Student Records +973 17351450 ext 4110 or Miss Fatima Al Awadhi, Student Records and Registration Officer +973 17351450 ext: 3280

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